Scholarship Information


2019 Scholarship Applications now being accepted! Closing date               Monday 18 November 2019.


The purpose of the Geoff Rasmussen Scholarship is to assist and encourage a student who, having successfully completed Year 12, gains entry to a fulltime undergraduate course of study at the University of Western Australia. This includes a student who may already have commenced their undergraduate degree course at UWA. Preference will be given to candidates that have been through or are going through significant hardship.


The value of the scholarship will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and is intended to cover all or part of undergraduate degree course fees, with scope to cover additional expenses as deemed appropriate. Mentoring will also be provided for the duration of the award. In the event a successful applicant is not maintaining good academic standing throughout the period of their degree, the Geoff Rasmussen Scholarship Fund Board of Directors will meet with the applicant to determine the most effective way forward.


To be eligible to apply for the scholarship an applicant must be:

  1. a citizen or permanent resident of Australia;

  2. reside in Western Australia;

  3. enrolled or intending to enrol in an undergraduate degree course at UWA; and

  4. able to demonstrate how the scholarship would make a significant difference in their life.


The Geoff Rasmussen Scholarship Fund Board of Directors, with input from the Rasmussen family and Azure Capital, will decide on the most worthy candidate based on the merit of each candidate's application. Preference will be given to students that would not be able to attend university without the assistance of the scholarship.


The scholarship is awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the selection committee, best demonstrates through their application and supporting documentation.

  1. how the scholarship would make a significant difference in their life (e.g. hardship which may prevent them achieving their full academic potential);

  2. leadership qualities;

  3. willingness to give back to the community; and

  4. academic achievement (should two applicants be deemed equal, the scholarship is awarded to the student with the highest academic achievement).


The scholarship is for the entire duration of a full undergraduate degree course.


Applicants must provide details of any other awards the applicant is in receipt of as part of the application procedure.  This will be factored into the overall assessment of impact / need? 


Youth Focus and The Smith Family may nominate students who fit the eligibility criteria, although the scholarship is open to all eligible students in WA. Applicants will be required to provide a reference from their school and a letter of application outlining details of:

  1. personal interests;

  2. aspirations

  3. impact the scholarship would have

  4. key achievements (sporting, academic, etc.);

  5. leadership roles undertaken;

  6. community service activities;

  7. work activities undertaken (including unpaid and paid roles); and

  8. anything else they consider relevant.

Applications are now open for the 2019 Geoff Rasmussen Scholarship. Please click here for an application form for the Geoff Rasmussen Scholarship. Applications close 18 November 2019.


The scholarship is normally paid on or after the UWA census date in each semester.


The scholarship is administered by the UWA Business School.


Any thesis, dissertation or other publication resulting from research undertaken by the recipient while in receipt of the Geoff Rasmussen Scholarship shall acknowledge the support of the scholarship.