About Geoff


Geoff Rasmussen loved a lot of things about life. He loved family and friends and spending time with them. He loved work. He loved to ski. He loved to fly. He loved food and good wine. He loved the West Coast Eagles. He loved the Kimberley and the South West. He loved to travel. He loved to give, both time and money. He loved to learn. He loved technology. Sometimes he liked to exercise. And he was happiest when he could combine as many of these things as possible.

Geoff’s ability to enjoy a lot of the things he loved stemmed from the opportunities his education, and more particularly his degree in Business Information Technology at the University of New South Wales, provided. He was recruited by McKinsey & Company from university and there met the people with whom he would go on to establish GEM Consulting and Poynton and Partners, and later Azure Capital.

Geoff had the benefit of growing up in a family who loved and valued knowledge and education. Like his father, Geoff attained First Class Honors and a University Medal. Not every young person has the benefit of such a strong support system to enable them to realize the best that they can be.

Accordingly, the Geoff Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship has been established by Geoff’s family, Bronwyn, Sami, Sophie and Josh, with the support of Azure Capital, to assist students who have faced significant challenges in their lives to complete their studies at UWA.